Here we go again

Hi vatos ! today i’am gonna talk to you a little bit about loopback4, a not so popular framework created with NodeJs (only 3k stars for the version 4) by IBM, who allow you to create your API for prototype within a few minutes.

Why ?

As i said previously, loopback4 will allow you to create a nodejs API in a few minutes, but how can he do this ? dont we have to use an agnostic framework like expressjs in order to build a real personnalised architecture instead ? …

Whats’up hombre, today, and for my first post, we are gonna see the implementation of the presentational & container architecture in Vuejs. The goal of that post is to look at how we can implement this pattern in our codebase and see the benefits of it in our coder life.

I know that there are already some blog post about what it is but nothing about how to apply that in Vuejs application.

The what ?

Container and presentational components is a simple unopiniated pattern about “how can i get my code cleaner and seperate my components ?” in two categories :

Ludwig Leplan

CEO and technical architect at my job is to develop and maintain various application in javascript and implement coding rules.

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